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Kiwix app for iPhone and iPad

4.0 ( 6160 ratings )
Reference Productivity Education
Developer: Wikimedia CH
Current version: 1.8.1, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 11 Aug 2015
App size: 78.58 Mb

Kiwix enables you to have the whole of Wikipedia (and many other web sites) available wherever you go! On a boat, in the middle of nowhere, or when data charges are too high, Kiwix gives you access to the whole human knowledge for free. You dont need Internet, everything is stored on your mobile device!

Download the Kiwix program from the iTunes App Store then download the ZIM data files which contain the content. You can download these files directly using the Kiwix App on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch - but this might take a long time, may incur expensive charges for the download, and is liable to errors because some files are rather large.

A faster and more reliable method is to use a computer to download the small torrent file for the large non-indexed ZIM file you want (not the pre-indexed package for Windows) from, then use a bit-torrent client (such a qTorrent) to download the actual ZIM data file to your computer. You can then transfer the ZIM file to your iOS device using iTunes File Sharing.

Pros and cons of Kiwix app for iPhone and iPad

Kiwix app good for

Very good offline wikipedia. With a TOC and the text search it is a clear 5⭐️
This is the best offline Wikipedia in existence: It is free. You can get the entire Wikipedia, not some limited 4 GB Wikipedia that you see in some other apps, which claim to be the full Wikipedia, but is a lie (yet you have to pay for these other apps). Moreover, Kiwix allows you to have multiple Wikipedias, as much as your storage allows. You can have other resources such as Wikinews, or Wikitravel, and so on, simultaneously. The search is universal across all the Wikis you have. You can even manage them.
simply wonderful! one of my top 7 apps on my ipad pro. having the entire wikipedia is a great blessing. THANK YOU :)
On IPad Air Wifi-Cellular, many times I synchronized my Arabic Wikipedia around 3GB ZIM files, wiki could recognize them but couldnt open...
This app is perfect. So now when the zombie apocalypse happens Ill be prepared and have all the power
I have done national extemporaneous and Parli debate for three years. I was at a significant disadvantage because I did not have a laptop for Offline Wikipedia. Rather than being left out, I will be competing on a level playing field my senior year. Newspapers and magazines were made obsolete for debaters because of Offline Wiki and Extemp Genie. THANK YOU!!!

Some bad moments

Im excited about this app, but it really needs a better way to add files. iTunes file sharing would be awesome, and the ability to pause/resume downloads would make a lot of sense. My 16 GB wiki download just stopped at 15 GB and completely restarted when I tried to download it again. I love Kiwix, but this app is basically useless without the ability to add or reliably download files.
Developers might want to look at lifting the Wi-Fi web server code from the VLC iOS app so that custom Zim files might be importable and shareable between devices.
Wonderful!!! Version 1.1 added Apple File Sharing. This is just about perfect. All we now is multiple article page tabs and that would make it the ultimate wiki app!! Great work!!!!
it very fast and the page view is great , the full Wikipedia in your hands and its offline and free , it is need a little work and it will be the best app in my iPhone. •here some issues thats need some work: -the app doesnt open if the cellular or wifi off - the progress of download disappear if the app closed - the app crashes sometimes in ios 9 •and heres some thing I wish the app have : -option for read later - table of contents of articles - bigger font - multi tabs after all its still the best Wikipedia app i ever used so thank you for this great app ...
Been waiting for a long time for this. Many thanks to the app developer and congratulations! Im very grateful for the hard work this app took. Tunes file sharing option is really awesome. It looks great on the iPad. I wonder how come this wonderful app doesnt show up when "Wikipedia" is searched in the App Store. Best Offline Wikipedia by far!
Thank you very much for making this wonderful app and this useful app.thank you for price (free) Good luck on your project