Kiwix App yorumlar

Great App

So much fun when you on a flight and want to mass time. You can go down a rabbit hole of links. If you have 256gb you can download all of Wikipedia to your phone, I can’t but the 1.3 gb version is great as well


انه برنامج ممتاز خصوصا ان أردت البحث عن معلومة بدون إنترنيت

Makes the world a better place

This is one of those apps that everyone should be talking about. It does an excellent job of bringing Jimmy Wales' Wikipedia knowledge to people who don't have easy internet access. I aplaud the people behind it. Apple needs to have a special link for Apps like this that make the world a better place.

Amazing app for travellers and frequent flyers

This app is great for people who want wikipedia any time, and frequently go places with no internet access. It allowed me to look up landmarks, species, foods, history, and attractions in remote reaches of Peru, and on the flight there.

Glad I found it

Love the app! Please add the same features to your android app! (Libraries especially)

Best app in store

Thank you very much for making this wonderful app and this useful app.thank you for price (free) Good luck on your project

Can't download anything

Tapping any item from the list of downloadable items in the cloud results in nothing happening. This is very disappointing as I was really lining forward to offline wiki resources!

Super handy, clean and stable

I do quite a bit of international travel, and even with a decent data plan, access to the internet is often not cheap, convenient, or even possible. So I love having a big chunk of Wikipedia and Wiktionary stored offline for those times when I just NEED to know something and Google and online Wikipedia are not available. This does the trick with a clean design and stable performance on my 128 GB iPad.

best app

For medical student it looks like miracle when we can search wiki whithout net

Me encanta pero....

Tengo un iPhone X actualicen la interfaz para iPhone X


Gracias!! Funciona a la perfección. Gran trabajo la de ustedes.

Crash after update

The app crash after update and it's no use to reinstall it.


Really,Great app. Thanks for Developers 😘.


Although there are to many versions of each, it can be nice to eg not download a Wikipedia (correct use) with images.

What more do you need?

It's totally free and gives you full Wikipedia access and so much more.

Very nice

Thank u, wonderful app for customers behind wall!

Best offline Wikipedia app

Excellent! I did a LOT of research, and was willing to pay well for a good offline Wikipedia app. I tried a few, but this is far and away the best that I've seen!

Wonderful app

This is a very nice and responsive app. They recently added support for indexed Wiki files, which makes it truly awesome. To have the complete English & Italian Wikipedia on my phone and accessible offline is unbelievably great, so glad I bought the phone with extra storage.

This Update Causes Crashes

Since I discovered this app, my life has increased. I use an iPod touch, so without Kiwix, in order to learn about something, I have to scout around for some wifi. Kiwix is awesome and it fulfills its purpose. On the other hand, after the most recent update, it has been crashing upon startup. Which makes me sad. FIX IT NOOOWW.

Surprisingly Good

This app is simply wonderful. Thank you to the developers! You can download wikipedia and browse it offline with great ease. Great software.

Best Offline Wikipedia

This is by far the best offline Wikipedia application. It is free, it is regularly updated, and the server/s/ supports very decent download speeds. Suggestion: the developers should look into making it possible to download some images and integrate them into the image-free file, thus saving space and yet making some images available. How about downloading them from the page of the on-line Wikipedia I am currently browsing or had visited in the past. Maybe for that Kiwix will need to become also an on-line Wikipedia browser? (You browse Wikipedia in the Kiwix, it asks you 'do you want to download images from this page into your offline Wikipedia file? You answer 'yes' and images are downloaded. Also, if the browsed page is not in the offline file, it is downloaded and integrated.) Otherwise, even without this suggestion, Kiwix is a great app.

Beyond What I Thought

"This is just amazing and it will surely impress you. It is so good that I never expected it to be. Two thumbs up :)

Great; should support spotlight

I love this app of course, but it would be nice if Kiwix Wikipedia entries showed up in Spotlight searches.

Best offline wiki app

Tried wikioffline, mini wiki and others (that cost money!) and kiwix is by far the best (and it's free!). I now have Wikipedia in my pocket everywhere I go. Keep up the good work! The only thing that's "missing" would maybe be more reading options, like ability to set the font, color, maybe a "readability" style, etc but these are just on my wishlist, I still love the app!


The best app ever very useful...


Kiwix is SUPER

Just Perfect...5 Stars

I've been waiting for a long time for this app to come to the AppStore. If you read Wikipedia, then this is a must have. I'm very grateful for Kiwix! I like how you can download the large Wiki files on your computer then use iTunes for transfer to device. It looks great on the iPad too. Truly a dream come true to have a complete encyclopedia anywhere you go. Best Offline Wikipedia by far!

File is not downloading

Kindly update.

برنامج اكثر من وائع

البرنامج اكبر من نعطيه حقه من الفائدة العلمية والمعرفية حيث يطرح بين يدي المستخدم كل المخزون العلمي والثقافي والمعرفي للبشرية رغم انه يحتاج اضافة خاصية البحث وتكبير حجم الخط عند الحاجه

تطبيق رائع

اجمل تطبيق رأيته على الابستور 🌹😍

Highly recommended

Works great! I use this app all the time for reference. It would be nice if the text size could be increased much more, though. At 115% it can be hard to read on an iPad screen.

Absolutely the best offline Wiki yet!

It took three tries to get the wiki file downloaded, at 16GB it was quite a feat. But one the file was downloaded and opened I was awarded a full on Wikipedia encyclopedia. Offline. Stored on my phone. And the best part? It's EXACTLY like the website! No weird missing numbers. No weird missing charts. UI is exactly the same as the online version. This app is great. I'm looking forward to the 50GB version with pictures when I get my new phone.


Very helpfull

best app for wiki offline

great app


All of Wikipedia, offline! It includes an auto-refresh function, as well. We're getting closer to "The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" everyday!

Fast, fluid, easy Wikipedia offline.

This made getting Wikipedia off grid a snap. Pictures too. It does all the hard work of getting you there. Runs fast and looks great on my iPad Pro 9.7in.

Great app!

Wonderful in the woods and country. Perfect interface.

The best

Kiwix is the best app for Wikipedia i love it

Perfect for Forensics!

I have done national extemporaneous and Parli debate for three years. I was at a significant disadvantage because I did not have a laptop for Offline Wikipedia. Rather than being left out, I will be competing on a level playing field my senior year. Newspapers and magazines were made obsolete for debaters because of Offline Wiki and Extemp Genie. THANK YOU!!!

Zombie Apocalypse Optomized

This app is perfect. So now when the zombie apocalypse happens I'll be prepared and have all the power🤓.

Problem in iOS 9.3.2

On IPad Air Wifi-Cellular, many times I synchronized my Arabic Wikipedia around 3GB ZIM files, wiki could recognize them but couldn't open...


simply wonderful! one of my top 7 apps on my ipad pro. having the entire wikipedia is a great blessing. THANK YOU :)


Wonderful application

Great but need to be fixed a bit

It's essentially great app and hopefully will be developed and looked after. My complaint is that, there is annoying bug. Sometimes selected articles disappear from favorites. (Completely or partially). Looking forward when they implement corrective actions.

Essential App

Wonderful! Offline access to Wikipedia. I think it is a must have app.

Greatest thing ever!

Greatest thing since sliced bread!

Offline Wikipedia on ur phone???

Kiwix is great. The only Wikipedia app worth having. One weird bug: seems to crash on my 5s while typing a search quickly. I guess the suggestions can't load as fast as I type and it throws an error??

This thing is awesome

Love being able to have all of Wikipedia available offline. Tables, info boxes, units, even references are all there and it looks great. The search still needs a little help since it is case sensitive. To search you pretty much have to enter the exact title of the article, which you may not know. Needs to pick up Wikipedia's redirects. Still, great app. Thank you and congratulations!

Works well

The app works well for accessing Wikipedia and other content sources offline. My only complaint is that I cannot get Crash Course videos to play.

Not get down load

Not get download on iPhone 6s ios9.2.1

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